How to Play the Didgeridoo : Didgeridoo Articulation & Vocalization Combo

Learn an articulation and vocalization combo for the didgeridoo with expert instrument instruction in this free online music video clip about Australian instruments. Expert: James Benedict Bio: James Benedict has played the Didgeridoo for 6 years, among several other instruments. He has been a Trombone Player for over 12 years, and a pianist for 18 years. Filmmaker: James Benedict

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Monday, September 27th, 2010 Play Didgeridoo

19 Comments to How to Play the Didgeridoo : Didgeridoo Articulation & Vocalization Combo

  • inusite says:

  • stockie22 says:

    Hi James

    I work in radio in the UK and love voice work your voice is absolutly fantastic but do yourself a favour buy yourself a proper stick man and get rid of that bampoo thing you have get a propper Yidaki from the nothern Territories of Australia

  • Wunakina says:

    oh wow – you can play “tah tah tah” … -.-

  • the1jehlo says:

    Ok, that was pretty lame.

  • shanex1234 says:

    i think this guy is the only digreidoo player who isnt a pothead

  • mjm4612 says:

    nope, not cool.

  • iswy123 says:

    good teacher tho reminds me of a guy who did soe instructonal vids on how to blow baloon animals…. great voice for a kids party….. :-) alll nce and ummmm bubbly? is that a word?? well nice clear instructions for a beginner still in search of more adv. lessons on the tube tho :-(

  • schwinger00 says:


  • mearoa says:

    please, buy yourself a better didgeridoo… that´s not a good example at all mate…

  • KaslarProductions says:

    im not.

  • steven says:


    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!!…

  • Jessie says:


    сэнкс за инфу!…

  • Alfred says:



  • robert says:



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