Hang Drum and Didgeridoo

Can’t get a Hang? Don’t worry, get HAPI HapiTones.com Promo for JT Didgeridoo Festival recorded August 17th, 2006, with Per & Eileen Hultquist – http on didgeridoo, and John Pascuzzi playing the Hang.

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Thursday, December 9th, 2010 Play Didgeridoo

32 Comments to Hang Drum and Didgeridoo

  • seandunx says:

    I seen white guys do the haka on the All Blacks. Same Difference.

  • widgeriwoo says:

    what is the bases of this rhythm????are you using cheek wobble?????

  • ThisliHechtli says:

    Sehr gut!

  • SephonDK says:

    Holy shit this is good… :)

  • hitdachronic94 says:

    this is how shit goes down here in oz mate got a dollar brah?

  • lilbika490 says:

    she looks at the people like about to say their names and shes like fuck it

  • namezC says:

    realy good, its sounds mystical and meditative.

  • QWE123QWEASDZXC says:

    …im hypnotized………………. @.@

  • funkacker says:

    the sound of earth

  • neliocrazy says:

    you’re right! but only the speakers are good!
    it sounds to me like a lot of bees.
    it’s not their fault.

  • poet1981 says:

    I think you guys are all forgetting the most important part of this clip……when she adjusts her wedgie at 0:08…..

  • CamFlame18 says:

    I know it’s the didge making the sound. But how odd does it look that there is a tiny little old woman making such a deep noise? It really made me smile. :)

  • Rapacruel says:

    O Hang Drum até que tem um som simpático, mas o tal do Didgeridoo é terrível! Nunca ouvi algo tão feio, que horror!

  • chillieluvr45 says:

    Very cool! I’ve noticed a bunch of didgeridoo players make the same hand motions…why is that?

  • BowHunt1229 says:

    woowoowoowoowoakwokaowkaowkaowkaowowowowokwoowowowowowowowoowooowooowoo. this is wicked cool

  • rosski47 says:

    Was this performance, by any chance, in Fresno, CA?

  • poptya says:

    @chillieluvr45 Might just help them keep beat, or keep track of their circular breathing

  • oddmusic says:

    @rosski47 Yep, it sure was, a promo for a Didgeridoo festival that took place in North Fork. Good observation! :)

  • freqazoidiak says:

    What’s with this weird thread about revoltkid123… anyways…
    interesting video. The percussionist is playing what looks like to me a Steel
    Drum but flipped upside down. Great sounds.

  • freqazoidiak says:

    @chillieluvr45 as said, circular breathing and the motion they feel it takes
    to induce it.

  • tmandrumma4 says:

    Michael J. Fox is cured!!!!!!

  • cahr46 says:

    this actually sounds kinda techno to me xD

  • ConquerThePain says:

    @chillieluvr45 im guessing because it helps with the way you have to blow air constantly, in your nose and then out your mouth over and over.. how could they get a continuous sound that long on one breath? im guessing the hand motion help them cycle the air

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  • goldthylacine says:


  • bradley says:



  • brent says:


    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!!…

  • ray says:



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