Didgeridoo Acoustic Guitar. Australia – by Aramis

A tribal gathering… download at www.AramisAudio.com Didgeridoo & Guitar Aborigine fire dance to didgeridoo. Bundjalung is the name of the tribe & the area where I live. This track has been named after the Bundjalung people. ©2009 Aramis

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Friday, December 10th, 2010 Play Didgeridoo

36 Comments to Didgeridoo Acoustic Guitar. Australia – by Aramis

  • Dudits15 says:

    This is awesome!

  • pelykan0 says:


  • ZzFCNzZ says:

    Awsome sound! I like it! ;-) )

  • AramisAudio says:

    @ZzFCNzZ So glad you like my sound, thanks for commenting. Aramis

  • holysmoke721 says:

    Yer Really Good…WOW…Love It

  • Blogengezer says:

    Aramis, you are the best. I go to your link on my blog whenever I need a ‘recharge’. Your tonal arrangement is fantastic. I can not put into words the creativity you have. My day can close in perfect tune with nature after this little 4:10 treat you have created with your given talent. What a wonderful difference from some of the other ‘amalgums’ of questionable entertainment the world accepts.

  • AramisAudio says:

    @Blogengezer. Hey thanks for your kind words my friend… this is exactly why I make music, if it help you through your day that’s awesome.
    Best wishes,

  • DeltaElite121 says:

    Very nice authentic touch. I really like it. Just good music in general, really. Makes me miss the best parts of living in Australia. Thanks for something new and refreshing.

  • XplicitSymn says:

    AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!

  • tganzrussell says:

    there is nothing better than sitting on the deck in the morning with my coffee and YOUR MUSIC turned up.

  • AramisAudio says:

    @tganzrussell Thanks for the comment, very encouraging… Glad to help start your day :) Aramis

  • pontepolentepontepi says:

    Coming back to breath this Beautiful experience :-) )))

  • insight11111 says:

    Really enjoyed this M8. Good job..

  • TURBOTIGRE says:

    i like all your videos! specially this!

  • gregfak says:

    Wow! I really can’t find the words for it. This piece of music is just wow! Listening to it enlightened my day =)

  • AramisAudio says:

    Hi, thanks tor stopping by for a listen & your comment, glad I could add a little light to your day :)

  • Avedemis says:

    i absolutely love how the guitar solo doesn’t obnoxiously take up all the sonic space with more notes than are needed, how it’s simple but so…amazing, and the two instruments blend together so harmoniously. very refreshing to my ears :D

  • AramisAudio says:

    @Avedemis. Hey thanks for the comment, Glad you can hear that good taste can also be the notes that don’t get played.

  • Sollesnes says:

    Sounds great. I like it very much :)

  • Sollesnes says:

    Sounds great. I like it very much :)

  • Loomingcraft says:


  • Loomingcraft says:

    Something like ethnic + country music. Really great.

  • Loomingcraft says:

    @ AramisAudio, your website doesn’t work.

  • driftwoodbeech says:

    Great stuff !!!

  • CrazyBear65 says:

    Cool… I’m fkn speechless!

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  • floyd says:



  • Chris says:


    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó….

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