Anyone Up For Bunny Chasing? (May 08, 2010 – Daily Vlog)

Just another Saturday in the lives of That Aussie Family. With our guest Mark still with us we thought we would shown him around Eumundi markets, play some didgeridoo, go out to a nice indian dinner, and finish the night with our traditional bunny chase…Subscribe to “That Aussie Family” daily video diary “vlogs” and watch the madness that happens… We are having a subscriber contest right now where we are giving away a FREE “Flip Mino HD Camera” every time we reach 10000 subscriber. When we reach 100000 subscribers, we are flying one lucky person out to Australia on an all expenses paid vacation. Visit our main channel to watch the contest video for further details. To enter all you need to do is subscribe to our channel, and be interactive by commenting, rating honestly, favorite the videos you like and tell others about our channel.

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Saturday, December 11th, 2010 Play Didgeridoo

44 Comments to Anyone Up For Bunny Chasing? (May 08, 2010 – Daily Vlog)

  • punkit743 says:

    Some of those didgeridoo guys were good, not like Rolf Harris at all. Those bird warbler things still going somewhere thats amazing. Funny at end Lardarse showing you who is the boss.

  • jasongiddensviper478 says:

    @ThatAussieFamily Australia.

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @ding0925 – Oh wow… whats your roll?

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @TheGermanShepherd – The butter chicken is just insane…

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @SkewesyJunior – That particular restaurant is wild…

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @candietwist – :)

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @punkit743 – She is such a cow of a cat…

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @jasongiddensviper478 – ohhh… :) Yeah its pretty good…

  • Rellish61 says:

    Keep bringing on the great videos… Loveee the Eumundi Markets…havent been there for ages…Could sit and listen to didge for ages, oh and the poor bunny…lol…he got his yearly exercise in one night…funny as :)

  • MyPinkRainbow says:

    what kind of dishes did you and your mrs have what is the taste and flavor like , I have never eaten indian food before , so hence why i am asking thanks so much and havea pink rainbow day
    georgia and lucy

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @MyPinkRainbow – We manly eat butter chicken…

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @Rellish61 – Well you know how I feel about my didge… :)

  • marcelstjean says:

    you have a great family..hello from canada..cheers.

  • marcelstjean says:

    very good footage with the bunny.

  • alandlou2309 says:

    Love the attitude from Lard Arse. Great vid again guys…only problem was I now feel like indian food and I have just had my dinner…lol. Wonder if the wife would mind if I stepped out for an hour….lol
    Big Al
    P.s Darren, you guys have not given Mark a BBQ experience yet have you? He has tried all the other Aussie staple foods…Vegemite and Pies…what about some kangaroo done on the bbq?
    Just a thought.

  • A7XDudeDrums says:

    That guy playing guitar with the didge would be soo easy to listen to for hours!
    And it’s great that they only sell things made in Australia!! Even if I don’t win the comp. I think I would want to check it out!

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @A7XDudeDrums – Its an amazing market…

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @alandlou2309 – We are doing a breakfast BBQ this Saturday…

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @marcelstjean – Thanks guys…

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @marcelstjean – :)

  • pokerdogZ says:

    haha bunny chasing looks fun

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @pokerdogZ – It’s a riot of a time. Katie.

  • PowdeRade says:

    @ThatAussieFamily tru that

  • mean0machine0 says:

    haha, thats a good thing for Mark to remember, come to Australia if you want to Try a bit of food from every country lol

  • ThatAussieFamily says:

    @mean0machine0 – And to chase bunnies… :)

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