practicing with my Yidaki

I had this instrument for some months and I wasn’t playing it much because I didn’t like the sound I was able to get with it. The instrument is beautiful and you can see how great it sounds when well played here: This weekend I had a Workshop with Jeremy Cloake on traditional techniques and that workshop opened my mind. Jeremy is such a wonderful teacher. We were all invited to invest on the hardest things for each other as a way to develop more quality in our playing. I have been playing on the left side of my mouth for 7 years now and I’ve never been able to play to the center. So I arrived home and I have been playing like when I first started to play didgeridoo: obsessively! I have been insisting in playing in the center of my mouth and always with this instrument and making the same basic drone at different volume levels for about two hours yesterday and two hours today. But sometimes you feel the need to play something familiar to you so sometimes I would try my normal style just for some fun. So I wanted to share this small experience, it’s nothing really special but since I just threw away almost everything I had to play it may be funny to come back to this video in some time. I will keep practicing and as soon as I have something more on the traditional techniques I will post here. Have fun…

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Sunday, December 12th, 2010 Play Didgeridoo

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  • EdTheJuggler says:


  • brakiska says:

    hey man

    great playing, thats some nice rythms

    also wanted to tell you that this video was inspirational for me to start playing on the front.

    Im playing the didge for about a year now on the left side.I had tried couple of times on front but it was way easier on the side.

    when I saw your video,the same night I stumbled upon some Jeremy Cloake solo on on myspace page.

    since then (1 week ago) I starte dplaying on the front. the first 3-4 days were so so but now it is AWESOME. much more range

  • brakiska says:


    and variety with the lips sliding onto eachother. and the ‘power’ that comes out of it. I can’t hit the horn yet ; ill give a few more days for the lips to relax(especially the middle part which was more stressed due to the months of side playing.

    so yeh, thanks for sharing your music and this video, I now play on the front and it’s much better that way tof many reasons. Merci


  • torbisprincess says:

    great video!

  • didgetc says:


  • oghene9 says:

    Good Job !!!


  • Ryutai7 says:

    I really enjoy your style. I need to beef up my knowledge of sound techniques. I just started playing 2 weeks ago, can *almost* circular breathe, and am really interested to learn more. Do you have any advice on where I could learn more?

  • elvescrossing says:

    i suppose, that´s one of the best didge vids i´ve ever seen and especially heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simply amasing, great, how you stand the rhythm, the timing. maybe you can submit a vid about the way you handle it (words, vocals …) you use to master this one!!! AWESOME

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