Didgeridoo music video – Didgeridoo Trance Dance – Anyway I Tell Ya by Ganga Giri

www.music-mosaic.com — Anyway I Tell Ya by Ganga Giri : Indigenous didgeridoo music technorganica! Fast 150 beats/minute, a song that rocks clubs and dance parties with bush sounds of Australia’s didgeridoo music. iTunes download: itunes.apple.com Adn other digital stores! Please note: this is a lo-rez version! Full DVD at www.music-mosaic.com

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Monday, December 13th, 2010 Play Didgeridoo

37 Comments to Didgeridoo music video – Didgeridoo Trance Dance – Anyway I Tell Ya by Ganga Giri

  • ERaver2020 says:

    essentially hes saying something along the lines of hes a didge player and a dj? i think….

  • Lizard303 says:

    he says: He has been playing the digeridoo now for 5 years. and he wants or should work with a dj together. I finds this music awesome (german: hammer) and asks who made this music.

  • phillipborrowman says:

    i want to learn to play my didgeridoo with drum and base or any kind of elektro music
    this shit is a amzing

  • shrdub says:

    Amarielo, love the videos and music, am a big natural trance fan.
    Can you give me names of the artists appearing on these tracks and what is the name of the album please?

    Many thanks, much love and more peace

  • KindVapour says:

    Most Excellent!

  • JuggaLuggaThug says:

    From hearing this & #1 I think that the didgeridoo would be excellent for psytrance. Kinda odd for hardstyle. hehe

  • coulcharm says:

    I saw these guys play live a week or so ago at Uki Glowball, Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia… awesome, amazaing, the crowd went off, so did the Ganga Giri.

  • bluetrancefer says:

    You’re most likely correct. But I think the didgeridoo is from Australia and not some place like Goa, right? Not saying the thought isn’t a bad one.

  • JuggaLuggaThug says:

    lmfao It is from Australia. Just like psytrance is from the middle east. :P

  • dieglhix says:

    similar visual effects when ur having a salvia trip !!

  • PiPphiltitley says:

    this has to be about the 6th time i have been buzzin me T*ts of this today!!!!!!

    BANGIN TUNE!!!!!!!! :)

  • SDKsa1 says:

    i heard they made it illegal!! sorry for the loss man :( wanted to try it

  • dieglhix says:

    Yep it’s Illegal in Aussie but you could do a NZ trip just to taste it !

  • SDKsa1 says:

    :D <3 newzeland :D

  • SDKsa1 says:

    can you give me a sample of the one from the middle east!!

  • JuggaLuggaThug says:

    Listen to “The Prayer” from Electric Universe.

  • SDKsa1 says:

    its kinda indian becuze im arab and i cant understand a shit :P looool !!
    btw this song!! whats its name?? beczue im starten to digg it :D

  • jeery says:

    loving the vocals

    the Didgeridoo is a traditional Australian Aboriginal instrument

  • Gindelbi says:

    Balu wunyarn aha gnyorn!

  • diogo1234diogo says:

    AWESOME!! keep it up man, this is rly good :D

  • nicksune says:

    wow… is it really?!? :O

  • duendecilla999 says:

    been looking for this track… thanks!! love ganga giri!! no music no life.

  • rabbitmaster1001 says:

    awesome music

  • scassapapere says:

    bella bella!!!!

  • 89andyy says:

    nice sound!!

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