Instant New Bees Wax Didgeridoo Mouthpiece

How to fix a new wax mouthpiece to your didgeridoo – instantly! We sell these pre-made easy wax mouthpieces direct from our website – You have a choice of organic UK beeswax or a special sugarbag blend! Why not arrange a visit to come and see our massive collection of authentic Aboriginal didgeridoos & art.

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Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 Play Didgeridoo

32 Comments to Instant New Bees Wax Didgeridoo Mouthpiece

  • danielsaan1976 says:

    Lovely soundtrack old boy! Funny vid too!

  • fammivedereivideo says:


  • medicman4444 says:

    i think im going to try thismyself for my digi

    was also wondering why your bees wax is soo dark??

  • Yakishamy says:

    Actually you can melt your wax, pur your didge in it, get it out a reapeat this..

  • bigg132 says:

    if u dont already have a mouthpeice how do u know what size 2 make it? do u heat up the wax and put it in the blowhole for ur didg and then mold around that? haha i just got one yesterday so im fairly new 2 all this but gettin slightly better. but yeah someone mind helpin me with the mouth peice?

  • missartist123 says:

    lol the music is epic for this video

  • rabbitspliff says:

    I think I’ll end up gettin one of these for my didge with wax mouthpiece. The original one didn’t come with nearly enough wax for a decent mouthpiece.

  • oxley102 says:

    cannot purchase any beeswax from the store could i get some from a beekeeper or bees nest in the wild?

  • Daftfreak123 says:

    traditionaly black bees wax is used

  • MrWeenyman says:

    where did you get the ring of beeswax?

  • WilliamBaked says:

    soooo smooth…^^hah
    yummy donut

  • WilliamBaked says:

    useless…you can do that on your own with the wax… but whatever, great music btw.
    Johann Strauss is my fauvorite one : D
    “An der schönen blauen Donau”…vienna just rulez :P

  • BatonRoadMr says:


  • jawharp1992 says:

    I made a mold out of paper, taped it to the end of my didgeridoo, melted the wax in a double boiler, and poured in the melted wax. After letting it sit for an hour, I took off the mold, shaped the still warm wax, and bam I have a new wax mouthpiece.

  • trolltrumman says:

    I roll a snake of wax and apply.

    Takes 2-3 minutes; why buy premade!? :D

  • kodies says:

    @oxley102 yeah, you can take scrapings of beeswax from the honeycomb itself. If you want lighter colored wax, scrape the wax caps off the cells of the honeycomb. Darker wax comes from the comb itself. It’s darker due to the fact that it contains impurities. It might have a raised temperature for pliability, but will nonetheless work. There are means of purification, but for a mouthpiece, it’s better left unpurified.

  • don says:


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  • gerard says:


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  • Greg says:


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  • Kyle says:


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  • jaime says:


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  • sidney says:


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  • matt says:


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