How to Play the Didgeridoo : Advanced Didgeridoo Sound Manipulation

Learn advanced sound manipulation techniques for playing the didgeridoo with expert instrument instruction in this free online music video clip about Australian instruments. Expert: James Benedict Bio: James Benedict has played the Didgeridoo for 6 years, among several other instruments. He has been a Trombone Player for over 12 years, and a pianist for 18 years. Filmmaker: James Benedict

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Monday, May 31st, 2010 Play Didgeridoo

22 Comments to How to Play the Didgeridoo : Advanced Didgeridoo Sound Manipulation

  • dorke991 says:


  • baconcheesecake says:

    your videos are extremely helpful. however, im a little concerned that ive bought a didgeridoo thats..well…not authentic or ‘just for show’. it was £30 from a spiritual/culutral shop and i was a bit worred at why there were all jagged bits of wwood in the middle inside that fall out when its tapped. it also is quite narrow at the middle. (abouriginal lizard on the outside) . ita about 140cm and after seein your video i was concerned why the bottom hole is quite small compared to yours. help?ty

  • quantumcrisp says:

    You probably did buy a crappy one. If you want to learn how to play make one out of pvc, there are tutorials for that all over the place. Then if you really love it after awhile invest in a nice one :) I’d recommend you shop at LAoutback!

  • iwansmit says:

    you also need to put you tong forward

  • KindVapour says:

    thats what i was think too. its more your subtle tounge movements, than cheek movements.
    point the tip of your tounge down, and move it closer and farther from the back of your teeth. like a piston, (sorta)
    and That dudes voice is AWESOME!!!

  • drmainon says:

    dammit man ur so gay hahaha

  • iwansmit says:

    eey kerel houd je bek je als je niiet weet waar je over lult

  • Jup55ph says:

    Super hëllefräich! Do kann een léieren!

  • BeeeAitchPeee says:

    This guys cheesier than a slice of Cheddar…. i`m half expecting him to say…

    “Hi, i`m Troy McLure, you may know me..”

  • 1krunkmofo says:

    you make me sick!! u dick u know nothing…. what do you meen by their is no real scale in notes for the didgeridoo?! are u off ur head, you can by them i all sorts of notes, f F# d D# c C# (mine being c#) g g# u fool, and ‘the aboriginies used that to communicate and make music with’ aggh our country’s native people used the didgeridoo mostly for story telling and ceremonies,, man you should research befor u make stupid comments on the world wide web, have a great day fuckerrrr

  • VOGuy81 says:

    Wow! Just ran across these videos I did a while back! Interesting how so many of you post such brave comments, especially when this video was originally commissioned as a Basic introduction for a group of underprivileged inner city elementary school kids. These days I just stick to producing TV ads. I’m glad that you all feel good about yourselves though…

  • vutEwa says:

    how is buying them in all sorts of notes a scale? what do you drop one and pick up the other and call that a scale? you make no sense. i’m sure you’re a complete wizard at this so called instrument and can play mozart and beethoven and deep purple with it, so.. how about you upload some videos demonstrating your so called “scale” ? hmmmmm? otherwise, how about you stop making stupid comments? hmmmm?

  • 1krunkmofo says:

    in this context, the guy in the video is using the word scale to say they have no defined pitch and all the work is done purely with the mouth, this is wrong, as i explained before, factors such as length and with contibute to the note produced by a didgeridoo hat can be put in a SCALE of notes F E B C G extra, and yes fuckwit i will upload vids wen i have the equipment to do so.. and who is the on making stupid comments on a topic thy kno nothing about! u dick stain!

  • shaelynsibert says:

    You have a very professional voice lol

  • vutEwa says:

    hahahah you need to stop smoking crack and give it a month for your head to clear up a wee bit, put down the fosters lager too.. and then go back and relistin to this video, and you will then maybe begin to understand what he was trying to say. you totally lost the context of this video and instead just let your hostilities make you out to be an irrational fool.

  • puddn76 says:

    What are you an ABO or something?

  • johnstonalligator says:

    nice guy… cant play the didge to save himself though. 1kunkmofo is right but there is no need to be so agro

  • ETGuitarist says:

    Wow, that “1krunkmofo” is an idiot. There are no scales with the didgeridoo…keys perhaps but there are no playable scales. The guy in the video shouldn’t really have used the word scale, but you can’t change that.

  • tjhobbs says:

    Fuck you, you fucking loser.

  • 123sukmeoff says:

    @1krunkmofo ofcourse there a different notes for different sized didges .. different players have different pitched voices.. i dont know why people are arguing about this. typical american in the video relates the didge to crocodile dundee.. brainless fuckwit americans

  • triviumlambofgod says:

    @1krunkmofo wouldnt u need like 8 didges to play an octave scale then? is that what your saying? the guy in this video is not claiming that they dont produce a NOTE…. they obviously do. hes saying you cant run a scale on it. example D major– D E F#G A B C# D…. i’ve never seen a Didge do this and if you can show me one… well 1krunkmofo you will have impressed me lol… i’m just saying i dont think u can play scales

  • earl says:


    ñïñ çà èíôó!…

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