How to Play the Didgeridoo : How to Choose a Didgeridoo

Learn how to choose a didgeridoo, made of bamboo or eucalyptus, with tips for buying one online with expert instrument instruction in this free online music video clip about Australian instruments. Expert: James Benedict Bio: James Benedict has played the Didgeridoo for 6 years, among several other instruments. He has been a Trombone Player for over 12 years, and a pianist for 18 years. Filmmaker: James Benedict

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 Play Didgeridoo

29 Comments to How to Play the Didgeridoo : How to Choose a Didgeridoo

  • Boutsman says:

    you rule

  • Wunakina says:

    oh no … -.- you want to buy your didge online? i would never do that – you should test your instrument before buying!
    a bamboo-didgeridoo is shit. pvc-pipes, teak-wood and everything is better than bamboo …
    i begin to hate expertvillage .. “n00b-village” would be a better title …

  • Kremesfeka says:

    I agree with Wunakina.. I’ve heard nothing good about bamboo didges. And shopping a didge online is like playing roulette.

  • pfagan says:

    The didge comes from the tropical Top End of Australia and the termites eat out the core of the tree and its branches while it is alive and growing. The Top End termites differ from most because of their size, veracity and preference for growing wood.

    Can not agree more with posters who say bamboo is crap…. also…. Do Not Buy online. Support my locals and come and get one where they grow… try before you buy. What suits one person will not always be good for others.

  • metroXstationXmason says:

    would you reccomend a 42 inch bamboo for a
    1st time begginer?

  • riseofchickenlord says:

    i have a tule didgeridoo

  • dennisnewark says:

    can’t agree with this. a plastic didge will cost hardly anything, sounds better than bamboo and is easier to play, especially one with a rubber mouthpiece. perfect for learning.

  • furrytummy says:

    Why don’t you stop uploading such misleading videos?

  • VOGuy81 says:

    Wow! Just ran across these videos I did a while back! Interesting how so many of you post such brave comments, especially when this video was originally commissioned as a Basic introduction for a group of underprivileged inner city elementary school kids. These days I just stick to producing TV ads. I’m glad that you all feel good about yourselves though…

  • BalandaSpain says:

    man u r talkin crap there…..this video is an example of what u shouldn t watch if u want to play didjeridu…

  • Endorolf says:

    try buying a didgeridoo from ten thousand villages if there is one near you

  • sliterturn1 says:

    what a dick

  • chaseloc101 says:

    i just started playing the didge, very difficult but your vids are helping, i got a 51 ” teak wood didge, is that why it so hard?

  • angelo says:



  • Don says:



  • Julian says:


    сэнкс за инфу!!…

  • Nathan says:


    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó!!…

  • Reginald says:



  • Charles says:


    ñïàñèáî çà èíôó….

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