Didgeridoo Australia World Fusion Music Visions of a Nomad

Didgeridoo World Fusion Music from Australia Visions of a Nomad. A hauntig ballad with awesome digital backdrops with scenery from Australia.

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Didgeridoo – Cool Banana Sound System Vol #1

Didgeridoo Freestyle from the Cool Banana Sound System – Darwin – Australia

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Didgeridoo music video – Didgeridoo Trance Dance – Anyway I Tell Ya by Ganga Giri

www.music-mosaic.com — Anyway I Tell Ya by Ganga Giri : Indigenous didgeridoo music technorganica! Fast 150 beats/minute, a song that rocks clubs and dance parties with bush sounds of Australia’s didgeridoo music. iTunes download: itunes.apple.com Adn other digital stores! Please note: this is a lo-rez version! Full DVD at www.music-mosaic.com

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practicing with my Yidaki

I had this instrument for some months and I wasn’t playing it much because I didn’t like the sound I was able to get with it. The instrument is beautiful and you can see how great it sounds when well played here: www.youtube.com This weekend I had a Workshop with Jeremy Cloake on traditional techniques and that workshop opened my mind. Jeremy is such a wonderful teacher. We were all invited to invest on the hardest things for each other as a way to develop more quality in our playing. I have been playing on the left side of my mouth for 7 years now and I’ve never been able to play to the center. So I arrived home and I have been playing like when I first started to play didgeridoo: obsessively! I have been insisting in playing in the center of my mouth and always with this instrument and making the same basic drone at different volume levels for about two hours yesterday and two hours today. But sometimes you feel the need to play something familiar to you so sometimes I would try my normal style just for some fun. So I wanted to share this small experience, it’s nothing really special but since I just threw away almost everything I had to play it may be funny to come back to this video in some time. I will keep practicing and as soon as I have something more on the traditional techniques I will post here. Have fun…

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Hang Drum and Didgeridoo

Can’t get a Hang? Don’t worry, get HAPI HapiTones.com Promo for JT Didgeridoo Festival recorded August 17th, 2006, with Per & Eileen Hultquist – http on didgeridoo, and John Pascuzzi playing the Hang.

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Arnold Djunbiya didgeridoo (yidaki) solo

This is Arnold Djunbiya Marika, at the time of recording a 16 year old genius! Arnold has met the Australian Prime Minister in Canberra, played in numerous ceremonies in Arnhem Land, and is one heck of a yidaki player! Forgive me for the background noise… planes flying overhead, passing traffic, you can even hear a wind chime in there somewhere. But as I’ve learnt, never let an opportunity pass you by. Arnold is oozing in talent, he is young, his health is good, he is as fit as a fiddle. Just listen to him blast that yidaki! Hey, it is almost 4 am here, I better get some shut eye… if I can think of more things to fill in the description, I’ll do so tomorrow. Enjoy!

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Insomniac jam hang and didgeridoo

other jam coming soon

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Didgeridoo Duet Featuring William Barton and Will Thoren

Didgeridoo duet video shot in the relaxing local of LA Outback’s Tiki Hut stage. This clip features William Barton and Will Thoren playing together during Barton’s visit to Los Angeles. Check out a wide selection of didgerdioo made in Australia and available in the US at www.laoutback.com

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Learning Didgeridoo Rhythms and Techniques

I’m taking my didgeridoo lessons online! Please send in your video comments and helpful suggestions as I learn specific techniques and rhythms of traditional and modern didge playing. Thanks for your help! Learn more: www.markrapp.com

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Zalem didgeridoo

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