Didgeridoo Acoustic Guitar. Australia – by Aramis

A tribal gathering… download at www.AramisAudio.com Didgeridoo & Guitar Aborigine fire dance to didgeridoo. Bundjalung is the name of the tribe & the area where I live. This track has been named after the Bundjalung people. ©2009 Aramis

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Friday, December 10th, 2010 Play Didgeridoo 36 Comments

AUSTRALIA IS NOT REAL!!! who will join me in the fight against lies?

It is all made up. There is no such place as Australia or Antarctica. If there were a huge land mass like Antarctica there would be more people on it even if it was cold. I have never met an australian person. I have only ever seen that crocodile person and he was a media figure positioned to fool people. I have never been to australia. Do you know anyone who has been to australia? probably not. Although there may be moderators watching the questions and they will place fake answers saying that they are from australia or know someone who is. I have never seen a kangaroo, even if they are real they are probably in africa and they tell different lies to africans. What kind of instrument is a didgeridoo? thats some fake bullshit right there, some person just messed with a rain stick and blew in it. AUSTRALIA IS FAKE AND THEY ARE LYING TO US ALL.
suppose that australia is real. You people dont know that america exists. How can I be American? there is no america. Or perhaps Ive said too much, or perhaps they dont care since they know you wont believe me? which trap will you fall into, for fall you must

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